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4 Common Mold Myths To Know

Most home and business owners in Sinking Spring know mold when they see it, smell it, or have allergy-like reactions to it. However, there are some facts about mold that are less known – or even believed. Here are 4 common mold myths that you should be aware of to protect yourself and your property.  […]

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Does Mold Remediation Really Work?

Homeowners often have a misconception of household mold and how to get rid of it. This is largely due to miseducation and the large number of scams and scares out there. While some homeowners may feel an immediate threat by the presence of mold, others may think that store-bought chemicals or mold-killing paint will get […]

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Roof Mold – Prevention And Removal

Roof mold can be a major problem for home and business owners. Mold is definitely unsightly, but it is also very damaging. Mold can cause serious structural damage to your roof, damaging the integrity of the property. It can also spread to other areas of your property – creating a bigger hazard and more expensive […]

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Understanding Mold And The Mold Damage Cleanup Process

Most home and business owners understand that property mold can become an issue that needs to be dealt with. What some don’t realize is that by understanding mold and the mold damage cleanup process, the mold problem can be handled better and likely at less of a cost. Taking the time to understand how mold […]

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How Mold Can Damage Your House

Homeowners are typically aware of the fact that mold can cause health issues and damage to a home. But many aren’t as aware of the extent of the damage that mold can cause. The best way to combat damage due to mold is to have it professionally remediated as soon as possible. Handling a mold […]

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Mold: 5 Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding the basics about mold can help homeowners understand better what needs to be done to take care of a mold problem. There are a lot of fallacies regarding indoor mold and not knowing the facts can cause major damage to your home. Hitchcock Clean And Restore is a professional mold remediation company that services […]

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7 Signs Of Mold You Should Never Ignore 

Most homeowners have heard horror stories about finding dangerous mold in a home that is seemingly perfect. Many of these stories come from new homeowners that just purchased their property. While professional mold remediation services are here to help you remove and cleanup mold, it is important for you to be able to identify signs […]

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What Causes Indoor Mold?

It doesn’t take a lot for mold to grow in a home or business. Basically, if there is moisture, humidity, and a food source, mold spores can begin to grow in as little as 24-48 hours. It can be difficult to find the source of the mold, but Hitchcock Clean and Restore use state-of-the-art equipment […]

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Common Places Mold Is Found In Homes And Businesses

Homeowners and business owners often find themselves dealing with a mold problem. It is not an uncommon event, but it is a situation that needs immediate attention. Mold can spread quickly and the further that it spreads, the bigger the damage is going to be. If you are in the Berks County area, you can […]

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How Your Mold Removal Experts Can Remove Mold From Wood

From time to time, even the cleanest and most organized home develops some mold. When you discover small amounts of mold on wood furniture, hardwood floors, wood trim, and even outdoor structures, how do mold remediation specialists safely remove it? In Wyomissing, the team at Hitchcock Group uses advanced equipment and the most effective removal […]