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Common Places Mold Is Found In Homes And Businesses

mold damage berks county, mold removal berks county, mold remediation berks countyHomeowners and business owners often find themselves dealing with a mold problem. It is not an uncommon event, but it is a situation that needs immediate attention. Mold can spread quickly and the further that it spreads, the bigger the damage is going to be. If you are in the Berks County area, you can count on the mold damage remediation professionals at Hitchcock Clean and Restore to help you safely remove mold from your property and restore the damage quickly, no matter where you find it.

Here is a list of the most common places mold is found in homes and businesses – if you have found mold in your property, contact our professional mold remediation team right away!

Common Places Mold Grows In Residential And Commercial Properties

  1. Wet Basements – Wet basements are one of the most common places to find mold growing. The basement doesn’t even have to be very wet for mold to grow. Mold just needs moisture, humidity and a food source (drywall, carpet, wood, etc.) and it will thrive.
  2. Underneath Sinks – Underneath your bathroom and kitchen sinks are another common place to find mold. Mold grows here because of the pipes that flow under the sink. Any leaks in this area could result in a mold problem. If you find mold in this area, be sure to call Hitchcock’s mold removal experts to schedule an evaluation.
  3. Behind Refrigerators – If your icebox has sprung a leak for any reason, you can almost certainly bet that mold is going to be a problem. The heat that comes off of the fridge from the electricity mixed with a water leak is a great source for mold growth. Mold can infiltrate the walls, floorboards and floors in this instance.
  4. Crawlspaces and Attics – Common places for mold to grow are spaces that are not being visited often. Crawlspaces and attics can contain enough moisture and warmth to become perfect grounds for mold growth. You should check crawlspaces and attics for moisture and the musty smell of mold – if you find either, you should have a professional check it out.
  5. Inside Walls and Ceilings – Walls and ceilings hide a massive number of plumbing pipes. These pipes are relatively safe for water to flow through your home or business property, but if they get old, they could spring leaks and even burst. Slow leaks, because they can go unnoticed for some time, can become major causes of mold issues. If you notice discoloration, bubbling, or warping in your home/office, be sure to have a professional come and inspect.

Hitchcock Clean and Restore is an experienced and educated mold remediation and water damage restoration company. Because mold is often accompanied by a water issue, you can rely on Hitchcock to make sure all of the damage is taken care of. We can extract water, dry the affected areas, remove mold, restore the structure, and get your home or business back to a comfortable and satisfying environment that you can enjoy.