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Specialized Cleaning Services for Industrial Properties in Berks County

Industrial properties such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, factories, and more require special maintenance to remain clean and fully operational. Often open 24/7 and requiring a clean, safe, and well-maintained environment, industrial facilities require a high level of detail, flexible scheduling, and expertise above and beyond your typical janitorial service.  

Hitchcock Clean & Restore is a leading provider of industrial cleaning in Berks County. Our experience and expertise are simply unmatched. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and let our team develop a customized maintenance plan for your industrial property. 

How Industrial Cleaning is Different from Janitorial Services

In an industrial environment, dirt and debris not only cause aesthetic problems but can also harm workers’ health and machinery. Maintaining a clean environment promotes productivity and reduces downtime, boosting your bottom line. 

But not all janitorial companies are skilled or equipped to handle industrial cleaning. You need someone that is highly skilled, specialized, and able to tackle the size and scope of your cleaning needs. 

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Hitchcock Clean & Restore’s janitorial team has been helping commercial property owners solve their janitorial and commercial cleaning problems since 1979. We have always believed in putting the customer first, and understand that each business has unique needs when it comes to cleaning and janitorial maintenance. 

Contact us today to receive a customized quote specific to your business needs. We are a local, independent, woman owned business dedicated to your health, safety, convenience and satisfaction. 

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