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How Mold Can Damage Your House

mold removal berks county, mold damage berks county, mold cleanup berks countyHomeowners are typically aware of the fact that mold can cause health issues and damage to a home. But many aren’t as aware of the extent of the damage that mold can cause. The best way to combat damage due to mold is to have it professionally remediated as soon as possible. Handling a mold problem in your Berks County home could not only prevent a mold problem from getting much worse, but it can also save your home.

If you have a mold problem in your home, get on top of the problem immediately by contacting Hitchcock Clean and Restore.

What Does Mold Do To A Home?

Structural Decay

Mold eats away at organic materials which causes rot and decay. Drywall, carpet, and wood are all excellent food sources for mold and can cause ceilings and floorboards to collapse, walls to fall down and much more. Of course, mold problems don’t create that big of a problem quickly. It takes some time before the problem grows to that extent, why wait until the damage becomes extreme?

HVAC System

While mold is commonly found in bathrooms and basements, many homeowners are often surprised to find that mold is growing in their heating and air conditioning units. Although mold seems restricted to the ductwork, this is a horrible place to find mold because of how mold spores can be spread throughout the home. The EPA recommends having your ductwork professionally cleaned if mold is found inside to make sure that it is properly and safely cleaned and removed. For professional mold removal – you can rely on the experienced professionals at Hitchcock Clean and Restore.

Furniture And Carpeting

Mold growth is not restricted to walls, ceilings, and flooring. It can easily grow in and damage expensive furniture like couches, mattresses and carpeting. Insulation is not even safe from mold contamination. Unfortunately, most contaminated items will need to be discarded and replaced. But extra care must be taken when removing moldy items from your home as mold can easily spread and contaminate other areas of the home during the mold removal process. When it comes to mold, it is always best for your home to rely on professional mold remediation to get the job done safely and effectively.

Professional Mold Removal In Berks County

When it comes to mold, homeowners need the peace of mind that comes from knowing that their homes are safe and clean. That means taking the care to hire a qualified and certified mold removal company that has the experience and the equipment to remove and repair mold damage professionally. At Hitchcock, your safety and the safety of your home are our primary concern. When you hire our team, you are hiring a company that will always have your best interest in mind. If your home is being damaged by mold, don’t hesitate to contact Hitchcock Clean and Restore in Berks County today.