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How Your Mold Removal Experts Can Remove Mold From Wood

mold removal wyomissing, mold remediation wyomissingFrom time to time, even the cleanest and most organized home develops some mold. When you discover small amounts of mold on wood furniture, hardwood floors, wood trim, and even outdoor structures, how do mold remediation specialists safely remove it? In Wyomissing, the team at Hitchcock Group uses advanced equipment and the most effective removal and remediation techniques to safely get rid of mold for good. 

Do Not Do It Yourself

First, do not think that there are any chemicals or home-remedies that will clean and eliminate a mold problem. People often think that spraying bleach or vinegar on mold will remove it. But this is not true. If you see surface mold, there is typically a much larger mold problem lying underneath the surface. Bleach will not remove mold from the surface and certainly cannot breach through wood surfaces to kill the mold underneath. Not only are bleach and vinegar ineffective mold removing agents, but they can also damage your wood furniture, wood doors, floors, and trim. Do not risk destroying your investment. Make sure you call certified and insured mold remediation specialists that know what they are doing and can protect your property.

Mold Loves Wood!

Since wood is an organic and porous material, microscopic spores have ample opportunity to literally take root and grow. In order to stop the growth cycle, you must address the original moisture/water that is the cause of the mold problem. The team at Hitchcock is certified in water cleanup and remediation and can detect where the mold problem originated from and eliminate it at the source so that it does not return. Once the technicians have found the source of the problem and eradicated it, we will make sure that the rest of the mold is under control and remediated. We always use the safest removal methods so that the mold spores cannot become airborne and spread to different areas of the affected property. 

Immediate Treatment

Because of how quickly mold spreads and how damaging it can be to different types of materials, especially wood, it is extremely important to have the mold cleaned up and properly removed by a professional as soon as possible. Waiting to call in a professional mold remediation team will only increase the extent of the problem and further the structural damage and integrity of your home or commercial property. Do not let the mold spread and turn into a much more expensive remediation process. Call for help immediately.

Hitchcock Clean And Restore

If you discover mold or mildew on wooden surfaces in your home, do not waste any time trying to figure out how to resolve the problem on your own. It is essential to call a professional mold removal team that can find the source of the problem and take care of it so that it does not come back. If you live in the Wyomissing area, rely on the trusted professionals at Hitchcock Clean And Restore.

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