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Understanding The Timeline Of Mold Growth And Why Quick Removal Is Important

No one likes the idea, or worse, the reality of confronting mold in their home. Besides having an unappealing look and smell, it can ruin the structure and lower property value. Understanding the nature of mold and how it grows over time can motivate you to act quickly before a mold problem grows out of […]

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Commercial Mold Remediation In Berks County – Business Owners Can’t Afford To DIY

Unwanted mold discovered in your commercial building is never a pleasant sight. Pennsylvania’s humid climate can create an ideal environment for mold growth to occur inside our businesses and workplace buildings. Upon finding mold, it may be tempting to slap on some latex gloves, grab a sponge, and attempt to remove it on your own. […]

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Does Your Commercial Carpets Require Mold Remediation?

If you own a commercial building with carpeted areas, it’s a good idea to have it inspected once in a while for potential mold. Carpets that see high-traffic are prone to damage from spills, leaks, and other moisture-related mishaps. Carpeted areas around water sources like water fountains, sinks, AC units, etc. are highly likely to […]

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4 Common Mold Myths To Know

Most home and business owners in Sinking Spring know mold when they see it, smell it, or have allergy-like reactions to it. However, there are some facts about mold that are less known – or even believed. Here are 4 common mold myths that you should be aware of to protect yourself and your property.  […]

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Keep Your Employees Happy With Commercial Janitorial Services

As a commercial building owner or manager, the safety and well-being of your employees, and all who enter the premises, is probably at the forefront of your mind. How do you maintain a high level of comfort and implement safety protocols within your interior space?  Putting in the effort to uphold a high standard of […]

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Common Places To Find Mold In A Commercial Building

You’ve probably heard or been a character in the stories of businesses and public buildings having to be shut down or closed off due to a toxic mold problem. Not only does this pose a potential risk to the health and safety of workers, but it can also negatively affect the flow of the entire […]

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DIY Mold Removal And Why You Need Berks County’s Best Mold Removal Service

Discovering unwanted mold in an indoor environment can make any homeowner feel uneasy. It may be tempting to take matters into your own hands by grabbing a bleach-soaked sponge and scrubbing down the affected areas. We don’t recommend doing this, as self-attempted mold removal can do more harm than good. The only matter you should […]

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Does Mold Remediation Really Work?

Homeowners often have a misconception of household mold and how to get rid of it. This is largely due to miseducation and the large number of scams and scares out there. While some homeowners may feel an immediate threat by the presence of mold, others may think that store-bought chemicals or mold-killing paint will get […]

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3 Signs That You Should Call A Mold Remediation Company

Indoor mold is not something any home or business owner wants to deal with, but unfortunately, mold can become an issue and a risk. Mold can damage items in your home and the structure of your property, as well as cause a health hazard. But it’s not always apparent that there is a mold problem. […]

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How Mold Can Damage Your House

Homeowners are typically aware of the fact that mold can cause health issues and damage to a home. But many aren’t as aware of the extent of the damage that mold can cause. The best way to combat damage due to mold is to have it professionally remediated as soon as possible. Handling a mold […]

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