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The Benefits Of Janitorial Cleaning Services in Reading

Reducing Pesky Allergies With Janitorial Cleaning Services

Did you know that janitorial cleaning services can indeed help reduce allergies in the workplace by removing allergens such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold from the environment? Proving a healthy and clean working environment can significantly reduce the effect of pesky allergies on employees and all those who enter your office space in Reading. 

Janitorial Cleaning Services in Reading

If you want to help improve the overall health of your commercial space and reduce allergies, here is how janitorial cleaning services provided by the professionals at Hitchcock can help:

  1. Dust Removal: Routine janitorial cleaning services remove dust from upholstery, carpets, and surfaces. Dust contains a variety of allergens, such as pollen and dust mites, which can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people. Janitorial cleaning services minimize dust buildup in your office space, reducing exposure to certain allergens.
  2. Vacuuming and Mopping: Allergens that adhere to surfaces can be successfully removed by cleaning floors with vacuuming and mopping. The quality of indoor air is improved by high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) vacuum cleaners, which can collect even minute particles, such as allergens, and janitorial cleaning services often use equipment of that grade to ensure thorough cleaning.
  3. Cleaning HVAC Systems: If HVAC systems are not regularly and properly cleaned, they can spread allergens throughout the entire workplace. Cleaning HVAC filters and ducts is a common janitorial cleaning service that helps stop allergens from spreading around and around through the HVAC system.
  4. Mold Prevention: Moist or humid places in office spaces, such as kitchens and bathrooms, can harbor moisture and promote mold growth. By routinely cleaning and sanitizing these locations, janitorial cleaning services assist in stopping and preventing the growth of mold. Eliminating mold lowers exposure to mold spores, which are a major allergen that can cause respiratory issues and allergic reactions to those exposed to it.
  5. Cleaning Fabrics and Upholstered Furniture: Dust mites and dander are two common allergens that can be found in fabrics and upholstery. Maintaining a healthy work environment by removing these allergens on a regular, scheduled basis can be achieved by utilizing janitorial cleaning services.
  6. Use of Eco-Friendly Products: Eco-friendly cleaning products are increasingly being used by professional janitorial services as they are less likely to include harsh chemicals and irritants that can actually worsen allergy symptoms in certain individuals. These products are safer for the environment and the people who work there, particularly those with existing allergies or sensitivities. Professional janitorial cleaning services are up-to-date on the best products available to use and are the first to utilize new and improved cleaning solutions and techniques, bringing the highest quality products and results to your commercial space. 

By adequately and routinely removing these allergen sources and keeping your commercial space clean and sanitary, janitorial cleaning services help lower employee exposure to allergens and reduce the potential for allergic reactions in the workplace while also helping to relieve the symptoms of existing allergies. Contact Hitchcock for all of your janitorial or industrial cleaning needs.