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How Often To Schedule Janitorial Cleaning Services

janitorial cleaning wyomissingYou could benefit significantly from a scheduled cleaning service regardless of size or business type. However, if you have never hired a cleaning service before, it may be challenging to determine how often you need to schedule it. Every business and business owner is different and has their own needs, depending on size, industry, and many other factors. 

Janitorial Cleaning – Wyomissing

Generally, businesses should schedule janitorial cleaning anywhere from once a day to once a week or two. However, that generalization can change considerably depending on many factors, including industry and business size. Every business has individual cleaning needs, so it’s essential to consider what you need while making your decision. The best way to help figure out how often you need to schedule a janitorial cleaning service is to consider the following:

Size Of Business

The size of your business is the most significant factor you might want to consider. Is your main operation in a small storefront or a large warehouse? Do you have an office with only you and a few other employees or a sizeable department store with many employees? These larger spaces will take more time to clean, meaning that professional cleaning will need to take place more often. Those that are particularly massive may even require the cleans to clean in zones, taking each day to clean a different area to maintain a clean space. 


Your business’s expectation of cleanliness significantly increases if you have a business that regularly hosts guests, customers, stakeholders, and other visitors. High-traffic areas like lobbies, waiting areas, and showrooms must be cleaned daily to ensure they are ready for guests to see them. Cleanliness reflects directly on your business, and you don’t want any guests’ first impression to be negative. 

Staff Size

The size of your staff is as important as the size of the physical location of your business. The more employees you have, the more you will have to keep up with maintenance. More employees mean that there is more foot traffic, as well as more waste management. The use of the restrooms, trashes, carpets, breakrooms, etc., will go up with the number of employees you have. If you have dozens of employees, it would be beneficial to invest in janitorial cleaning to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for them. 

Areas That Need Cleaning

You must consider what areas in your business need to be cleaned. Consider what areas you want your staff versus a cleaning staff to upkeep. If you expect employees to clean high-traffic areas, you may not need a cleaning service as often. However, areas like the bathroom need a daily, deep clean and may require janitorial cleaning to maintain, especially if you have several of these areas. 

If you are trying to determine whether or not a janitorial cleaning service is exemplary for you, it all depends on your priorities and concerns. Regardless, you will need to keep your business clean regularly to keep your employees safe and healthy. It’s all a matter of finding time to do this. Hiring a professional team will ensure that your business will stay looking clean and professional, making great impressions on anyone that visits. Contact Hitchcock today to ensure you keep your business looking great while working on what matters most.