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How Having A Clean Workplace Increases Employee Productivity

Everyone in business knows how important productivity is to the business’s success. Companies invest thousands of dollars into workshops with productivity experts and spend countless hours in meetings brainstorming how to boost productivity. While there is no fix-all solution to workplace productivity issues, many businesses ignore one of the simplest ways to promote productivity within their company: hiring professional janitorial services to keep their office clean.

Increases Focus

There’s a reason that “clean your space, clear your mind” is a popular saying. Research by Princeton Neuroscience found that when you have more visual stimuli in your sightline, the stimuli end up competing for mental space with what you are trying to think about or accomplish. That means the more clutter you have in your workspace, you will quickly become distracted and lose focus on the task. As a result, your duties will take longer and may even be completed to a poorer standard than they would be otherwise. That’s why experts recommend that every office hire janitorial cleaning services so that employees can focus on the things that matter the most. 

Decreases Sick Calls

In order to be productive, an employee first has to be able to show up to work. Employees who are sick will need to take sick days while they recuperate. So it is in any business’s best interest to ensure all their employees are in good health.

Dirty work environments can increase how often employees get sick. When surfaces go uncleaned, illness-causing bacteria and viruses can thrive, making infecting the people around them easier. Hiring professional janitorial services to keep your workplace clean will help minimize employee sick days and stop potential office outbreaks at the source. 

Decreases Stress

Most people get stressed out in a messy, disorganized, and unclean environment, which remains valid at the workplace. It’s overwhelming when trying to work through your long to-do list and waste time sorting through clutter. Further, no one wants to take a break from their work tasks to use the restroom only to find that the bathroom’s dirty and the trash is overflowing. When your workplace is clean, that’s one less thing you have to be stressed about.

Promotes Creativity

Creativity becomes most accessible to people when they feel relaxed and undistracted. This makes a clean and clutter-free work environment the perfect place for their creativity to thrive. Regardless of whether your company is in a “creative” field, creativity can still boost your company’s success. Even when completing “non-creative” tasks, creativity can help employees “work smarter, not harder,” leading to a jump in productivity.

Increases Employee Happiness

Successful employees are happy employees, and clean offices are successful offices. It’s no surprise that anything that promotes a better focus, increases creativity, minimizes illness, and decreases stress will also increase employee happiness. Hiring workplace cleaning services is a simple yet essential step in creating a happier workplace.

Hiring janitorial cleaning companies to assist you in keeping your office clean takes a burden off your full plate. The boost you will see in productivity at a clean workplace more than justifies the use of professional janitorial services. Consider reaching out to a local team of cleaning experts today for help. If you live in Wyomissing, PA, contact the expert team at Hitchcock Clean & Restore to start receiving the benefits of a clean workspace now.