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Why Is A Regularly Cleaned Office So Important?

Having a clean office seems like an obvious choice, but why is it so important? It may seem that it isn’t something to have on the top of the priority list, but you couldn’t be further from the truth. There are so many underlying issues that can come with a dirty space, especially a public one. 

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An obvious reason to maintain a clean office space is for presentation. You wouldn’t want superiors to see a messy space. Besides that, there are other major reasons to keep a clean space for everyone. 

Better Concentration 

A task at hand is much easier to concentrate on when the space around you is visually clean and organized. Stacked papers and cluttered spaces may seem harmless, however, research actually shows the opposite. Our brains like organization and order, and a visual reminder of any sort of chaos can have cumulative effects on the brain, reducing the ability to focus. Moreover, the mess can also cause stress in addition to creating a lack of focus. 

Improves Safety And Comfort

Proper maintenance of the floors and clutter is important when considering both the safety and comfort of others. When in a dirty environment, people do not feel as welcomed and become uncomfortable. As stated before, mess creates negative emotions, making people not want to be in that environment. While people don’t feel comfortable, their safety can also be compromised. Dirty floors can be hazardous and can cause people to slip and/or trip. 

Longevity Of Office 

After purchasing equipment for an office, you want those things to last a long time. Fortunately, keeping them clean can increase the lifetime of furniture, flooring, and/or equipment. Regular scrubbing of the floors will expand the lifespan of the carpets or hard floors. Dusting and regularly cleaning everything will assist in both eliminating germs and maintaining equipment so it lasts longer. On top of all of that, if you keep up with a regular cleaning schedule, the cleaning process won’t be as long if you were to put it off.

Reduces Illness

Arguably, the most important reason to keep a properly cleaned office is to ensure the health of everyone and reduce the risk of illness. Items that are used regularly by several people are hotspots for bacteria growth such as doorknobs, water fountains, phones, and other objects. It’s important that these items are disinfected regularly to diminish the risk of illness spreading in the office. The fewer sick people are, the happier they are as well. Additionally, if people are taking fewer sick days, you are able to save some money with no loss of productivity. 

The impression that your office gives off is very important. Is it a clean environment? Do people feel happy and safe? These are some of the foremost questions that are on people’s minds when considering working for someone, as well as customers/clients considering doing business with you. Make sure you have the right people for the job, the proper tools, and the correct products to make sure your facility is clean, shining, and inviting. Contact professionals at Hitchcock to ensure that you get a job well done.