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How Do I Choose Janitorial Services? 

janitorial services fleetwoodYou have worked hard to create your business and you fiercely protect its image. You hire a great team, plan the marketing, even monitor the online reviews. Fingerprints, crumbs, grime and germs in the office. are not the look you want to present to your customers (or employees.)

Your employees need to feel that their “second home” is healthy, safe and well cared for. Hiring an outside company for janitorial services keeps your baseboards, windowsills, floors, and countertops clean and organized. And even better, it keeps your team on task and performing their best work.   

Whatever industry you operate in, your business can’t perform at its best if the facility isn’t clean, safe, and sanitary. Instead, focus your staff on industry specific goals, and outsource for the best cleaning provider possible. 

Do You Need Janitorial Services In Fleetwood?

What To Look For

Reliability, dependability, and flexibility your office cleaning services must be dependable. Whatever your business schedule, the janitorial service you hire must be able to work according to your company’s schedule: overnight, on the weekend, during the workday.  

The best janitorial services hire the best people. Are employees certified and experienced in specific areas? Does the company conduct background checks and drug testing on workers?  

Seek commercial janitorial services that take the environment into consideration, keep your workplace safer, and help the environment. 

For quality janitorial services for your commercial space, confirm the firm’s certifications and insurance. You need to be sure they follow important state and federal guidelines. And when the company is insured, your business does not incur any risk drawing their time on site. The janitorial company will cover any of these costs via their insurance. Hitchcock Clean and Restore offers the highest quality janitorial services, in a professional environment.

What Would You Like to Offload? 

When you look at your employees workflow over the week, what tasks would be more efficiently done by a third party? Everyday cleaning duties could include:

  • Restroom cleaning 
  • Cleaning break rooms and employee kitchen areas
  • Sweeping and mopping of hard surface floors  
  • Carpets vacuumed 
  • Wiping down office desks and chairs   
  • Restrooms fully cleaned and stocked 
  • Trash emptied  

Hitchcock can also cover bigger cleaning jobs that do not need to be done on a regular basis, maybe just a few times per year.  Plan your commercial cleaning services for special projects and seasonal workflow. When does your schedule allow a deep cleaning of carpets, grout and upholstery? What is the best time of year for you for window washing or  power washing the exterior of the building? Coordinate with our team to fit your timeline.

We offer around the clock service and customized cleaning packages easily fit into your workday. Without disruption, their expert team allows you to focus on getting your work done, not the grime and germs. To improve your efficiency at work, trust the Fleetwood team to tackle your facilities messes quickly, safely and to your high standards.

Hitchcock Clean and Restore has been a leading provider of commercial janitorial cleaning services in the Berks County area for over twenty years. Hitchcock is a locally owned and operated company specializing in commercial cleaning services. Contact  Hitchcock Clean and Restore, Berks County’s #1 rated response company