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After Construction Cleaning

After any home renovation or new construction project is completed, there is always going to be the need for post construction cleanup. Before you can enjoy your recent addition, newly remodeled or brand new home, you will want to hire a professional team to tackle any after construction cleanup. Hitchcock Clean and Restore is Berks County’s top choice for construction cleanup needs! Our team has the expertise and experience necessary to perform a complete and thorough cleanup of any debris or mess left behind.

after construction cleanupWhat are the Benefits of After Construction Cleanup?

Hiring the professionals at Hitchcock Clean and Restore to perform after construction cleanup services can be tremendously beneficial. Our professionals are trained to properly dispose of any waste, salvage and recycle any leftover materials such as wood, drywall, masonry, and will thoroughly clean the area of any debris and discarded items. Our professionals are certified and can safely remove and dispose of any hazardous or dangerous materials.

What Kind of After Construction Cleanup Services are Available?

Our after construction cleanup services include both interior and exterior maintenance. You can expect to see any waste material removed and the floors, windows and walls in each room to be deep-cleaned. Our professionals can perform a comprehensive inspection of the area to make sure each room has been attended to properly.

How Long Does it Take?

Our team of experts are fast and efficient, and work hard to clean your entire building in a short amount of time. Our teams are dedicated to performing their tasks and will complete the job on schedule, making sure everything is cleaned, hauled and organized prior to moving back in.

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If you are in need of after construction cleanup services contact Hitchcock Clean and Restore today! We will take care of your after construction cleanup needs quickly and efficiently so you can enjoy your new addition, renovation or brand new home.

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