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Avoiding Mold Removal in Your Wyomissing Bathroom

Avoiding Mold Removal in Your Wyomissing BathroomMold is a fungus that can cause major problems in your home, particularly in the bathroom. Mold requires moisture and a food source to grow and thrive. Since basically any organic matter can act as a food source, when you combine the moisture and humidity that are abundant in the bathroom it is no surprise that that is a common place for mold to be found. When you factor in the humidity and warmth that frequently compose the environment in the bathroom, they make up the ideal conditions for mold to spread and thrive. Before you find yourself requiring mold removal, here are some things you can do to prevent it from taking over your bathroom.

To keep mold growth at bay, you must keep moisture at bay. Eliminating as much moisture as possible is essential to prevent mold growth in your bathroom, but since water is used by the gallons in the bathroom this can prove to be rather difficult. Utilize the exhaust fan when showering or filling up the bathtub to help remove steam from the air and prevent the excess moisture from collecting on surfaces. You should also wipe down counters and other surfaces to dry them off after use.

Along with drying the moisture left behind, another benefit to wiping down surfaces is it helps to keep them clean from dust, bacteria, or any other organic materials that will build up and provide a food source for mold. This lessens your chance for needing mold removal. Common places that get missed and have excess build up like corners and ridges are the perfect place for mold to form so be sure to not overlook those smaller spaces. You can also use bleach or other antibacterial cleaning agents to ensure surfaces are left clean and prevent mold from being able to grow in the first place.

Be sure that water is not allowed to leak around fixtures in the bathroom and that the water seals around them are secure. Caulk is often used to create a water-tight seal around tubs, showers, sinks, and toilet bases to prevent water from leaking around them. Over time, this caulk can begin to separate, peel, and/or crack. In those cases, water is able to find its way where it shouldn’t – which can lead to mold growth in need of removal. Consider reapplying caulk every couple of years to prevent damage from occurring, and repair any gaps as you come across them.

Leaky pipes and faucets can also contribute to mold growth in the bathroom, so be sure to check for leaks and get them repaired as soon as you can.

If a bathroom refresh is in the plans, consider using a mold-resistant paint on the walls to help inhibit mold from growing.

Mold Removal in Wyomissing

Since mold is a naturally occurring fungus both indoors and outside, with spores that can be found virtually anywhere, even all your best efforts may not thwart mold from developing in your bathroom. If you suspect there’s mold in your bathroom or anywhere else in your Wyomissing home, or you know you need mold removal, call the experts at Hitchcock Clean & Restore.