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Commercial Mold Remediation – How You Can Take Control

commercial mold remediationAs a business owner, your list of priorities includes a safe and profitable workspace. After all the starts and stops over the two years, the last thing you need is a forced shutdown due to the toxic mold growing in your commercial building. Not only could your workers suffer from respiratory problems, but the business could also halt and the company could face legal action.

Well-built commercial buildings are insulated to keep exterior air out and maintain a consistent interior temperature. You want it sealed up to keep out Berks County’s winters and to keep in the summertime A/C. However, when the temperature outside plummets and indoor air is heated, condensation forms on windows and exterior walls. Now you have an increased chance of mold in these conditions. 

Mold is an aesthetic problem when it is visible, but could also harm inventory. But the real problem happens when a commercial building’s air quality is compromised and affects your staff. Hitchcock Clean and Restore is certified in safe and effective commercial mold remediation and can help you keep your business safe. 

Commercial Mold Remediation – What You Can Do

Commercial building managers are concerned about a specific interior black mold that can cause serious illness in humans and structural damage to buildings. Some people are sensitive and have allergic reactions when exposed to mold spores: coughing, sneezing, nasal stuffiness, eye irritation, skin rashes. Workers who have asthma are more prone to building-related illnesses.

HVAC Maintenance Is Key

By controlling moisture with a regular maintenance and inspection process, your facility team has an integral part in keeping the facility healthy. Adhere to recommended service schedules from the HVAC manufacturer. Also, adjust it for any special conditions like humidity and heat fluctuations from manufacturing equipment.

  • Inspect all areas of the building  and repair any discovered water damage ASAP
  • Clean regularly all parts of HVAC that might harbor moisture: system coils, drip pans, HVAC ducts, air handlers, blowers.
  • Relocate HVAC air intake if the air is being pulled in is located near standing water or dumpsters.

Water Damage Leads To Mold

Other causes of mold in a commercial building can be water damage from leaky pipes, damaged roofs, or poorly sealed external doors. Once building materials get damp, mold spores can proliferate. In the right conditions, mold growth can start in 24-48 hours. 

If your team discovers mold growth, cleaning up the surface will not solve the problem. Our technicians are specifically trained in the principles of commercial mold remediation.

What A Commercial Mold Remediation Professional Will Do

Timelines can range from a few days to a few weeks, depending on your case. Generally, the cleanup process includes the removal of water-damaged, mold-infested materials. Removing drywall and studs might be required if mold damage is extensive. All walls, carpets, and personal items will be cleaned and disinfected. Then every surface will be vacuumed with HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filtration.

You’ll work with the remediation team to plan the schedule around work hours, inventory, and other business deadlines. Our commercial mold remediation specialists strive for the quickest, safest remediation with the least business disruptions. 

Size and Scope

“Remediation” will always involve cleaning up existing mold while avoiding exposure to oneself as well as your staff, as well as preventing new growth by addressing the moisture source. Some guidelines for remediation levels In the business can help determine the scope of your project. “Level 1 remediation” is a single, small area of mold up to 10 square feet. “Level 2 remediation” covers square footage from 10 to 30 square feet- the size of a full sheet of drywall.

Does Insurance Cover Commercial Mold Remediation?

While every situation is different, generally insurance pays if the problem results from an emergency already covered on your policy, such as a frozen pipe. However, mold resulting from deferred maintenance, persistent moisture, or floodwaters will not be covered.

Check with your insurance agent to see if your particular mold problem is covered.  In a policy, the insurance company defines “covered property”. Also in the documents, the exclusions are listed as “excluded property”. Commercial property insurers usually have a mold exclusion written in; any loss or damage caused by growth, presence, or spread of fungus will not be covered under the insurance policy.

In addition to having commercial coverage, liability coverage is a must as well to cover mold damage from any cause, even a small leak in a pipe. Tenants, clients, employees, and anyone using your commercial building can sue you for injuries related to mold if it is found in the building. Call the commercial mold remediation experts if you suspect a mold problem.

Time to Call Hitchcock Clean and Restore

Mold in your facility could expose your business to significant risks. Hitchcock Clean and Restore is a locally owned and operated disaster restoration company specializing in commercial mold remediation. Berks County’s #1 rated emergency response company offers a 24-hour response. Count on Hitchcock Clean and Restore when you need local mold remediation for your commercial property.