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Understanding The Danger Of Mold In Your Commercial Business

commercial mold remediation, commercial mold cleanup, commercial mold restorationIf you do not know the risks of mold exposure, you may end up living with a mold problem in your home for prolonged periods of time before finally getting around to getting it resolved. Since mold can begin to grow indoors very quickly, and very easily, it is important to know why mold is dangerous, and why it requires prompt commercial mold remediation.

Commercial Mold Remediation

There are over 60,000 species of mold present in our environment, both indoor and outdoor. Molds are fungi that thrive in damp, humid, and dark conditions. Mold grows and spreads through the production of spores – tiny microscopic particles that travel through the air. Because spores are so resilient and can be found virtually anywhere, if the right conditions present themselves in our homes (like a leaky or burst pipe, or any type of water damage), mold will begin to grow within 48 hours. Porous materials, such as paper products, cardboard, drywall, wood, insulation, carpet, and upholstery are all common sources that support mold growth. When mold begins to grow on these types of materials, it can begin to cause deterioration and break down. If mold can destroy these types of materials, imagine what it can do to our bodies and health. 

While our immune systems were created to battle mold, it is overwhelming to our bodies in large quantities and over prolonged amounts of time. Mold exposure can cause nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing, and irritation to the eyes, throat, and skin. People with allergies, or those who are more sensitive to mold, can have more severe reactions like shortness of breath, chest pain, fatigue, and headaches. Those who have compromised immune systems, or chronic illnesses, are prone to serious infections in their lungs from mold exposure. In 2004, the Institute of Medicine did a study on mold exposure and found that there was sufficient evidence to link indoor mold exposure to upper respiratory tract symptoms in otherwise healthy people, and respiratory illness in otherwise healthy children. Other recent studies have suggested a link of early mold exposure to the development of asthma and respiratory allergies in young children. 

Mold is very dangerous, but do not worry; mold damage in your commercial building can be remediated. With the proper training, certification, experience, protection, and equipment, professional mold remediation crews can have your home and indoor air quality made safe and healthy again. Commercial mold remediation technicians are able to correctly identify the type of mold, stop the source of water that is promoting growth, contain the mold and contamination to the affected area with the use of commercial-grade equipment, prevent the spread of spores to other areas of the home, remove the mold, and sanitize and clean the area in safe accordance with IICRC standards. With the use of air filtration devices and proper cleaning supplies, professional commercial mold remediation companies can remove airborne spores and improve air quality. The only way to ensure safety to your commercial space and the health of all those in the building following mold damage is to have it taken care of professionally. Hitchcock Clean & Restore offers commercial mold remediation services and can safely and thoroughly resolve your mold problem.