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Winter Mold Damage Threats In Fleetwood

mold removal fleetwoodFleetwood, Pennsylvania averages about 20 inches of snow each year, meaning the cold is no stranger to its residents. Unfortunately, the cold weather is also no stranger to mold. In fact, the winter season is one of the most prominent times for mold to grow, largely due to the amount of melting snow, ice, and heated temperatures inside. From our mold removal experts, here are some tips to keep winter mold growth under control in your Fleetwood home or building.

Fleetwood Mold Removal

Maintain Air Circulation In The Building

One way to help prevent mold growth inside a building is to keep the air circulated. Ventilation can help cut back on indoor moisture and dry wet areas around your building more quickly. So next time you’re bathing, cooking, doing laundry, or washing the dishes, keep a window open – or if it’s too cold, turn on an exhaust fan to help control the indoor moisture buildup.

Prevent Your Pipes From Bursting

One of the most important precautions to take in the winter is preventing your pipes from bursting. Not only can burst pipes lead to water damage, but it can also result in mold growth if not dealt with quickly. Protect your pipes by insulating them inside and out. It’s also encouraged to keep a steady stream of water running through your pipes to help prevent them from freezing. 

Dry Areas Affected By Condensation

If you notice water droplets or moist areas around your windows, walls, or pipes, be sure to dry the area immediately find out where the condensation is happening. Condensation takes place when warm air collides with cold surfaces – a common occurrence in the winter months when the indoors get more humid. In addition to central heating, sources of condensation can include daily activities like cooking and showering. 

Get A Dehumidifier

Sometimes you need a little extra help to combat the humidity in your home. To offset future mold removal costs, consider getting a dehumidifier, especially for the basement. The cool basement floors and walls can be a prime source of moisture build-up. A dehumidifier can help control the humidity level and make it harder for mold to start growing.

Make Sure Your Gutters & Downspouts Are Clean

One way to keep water out of the foundation of your home or business is to clean your gutters and downspouts. When a heavy snowfall or rainstorm hits, the water from the roof will easily flow away from your foundation if the gutters and downspouts are clear. Water damage in your foundation can quickly lead to mold and expensive remediation if it isn’t dealt with immediately. 

Contact The Professionals At The First Sign Of Mold

If you notice mold in your Fleetwood home or business,  contact the mold removal experts at Hitchcock Clean And Restore. Our team is trained and licensed to perform proper mold removal services and prevent it from spreading to other areas of your establishment.