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Understanding The Timeline Of Mold Growth And Why Quick Removal Is Important

mold removal berks county, mold remediation berks county, mold removal service berks countyNo one likes the idea, or worse, the reality of confronting mold in their home. Besides having an unappealing look and smell, it can ruin the structure and lower property value. Understanding the nature of mold and how it grows over time can motivate you to act quickly before a mold problem grows out of hand.

Under ideal temperature and humidity conditions, mold can begin to grow within 24 to 48 hours. On a general timeline, the spores will begin colonization in 3 to 12 days and become visible in about 18 to 21 days. The longer you wait for mold removal, the greater the chance for mold to develop and spread throughout your Berks County home.

As mold settles into your carpets, walls, ceilings, etc. it generally undergoes four common growth phases.

Mold Removal In Berks County

#1. Hyphae Growth

This is the first phase in the mold growth process. Hyphae are described as, ‘thread-like filamentous cells that release enzymes used for both degrading and absorbing nutrients from a substrate.’ Substrates can be anything from organic debris, wood, cellulose, to almost any carbon-containing material with a food source. When hyphae are done with their fill, they will grow into mycelium, which is the visible part of a fungus.

#2. Spore Formation:

Spores will form depending on a variety of environmental factors including light, oxygen levels, temperature, and available nutrients. Ideal conditions will allow spores to form on the ends of some hyphae cells.

#3. Spore Dispersal:

Once spores form, they’re released into the air and carried to other parts of your home. After they spread, they begin germinating, thus beginning the cycle once again. You should be warned of the highly durable and resistant nature of mold spores, meaning they can survive in a dormant state for years no matter the climate.

#4. Spore Germination:

This is the final phase of the mold growth cycle. Once the spores have dispersed and settled in other areas of your home, the cycle is repeated and new hyphae cells will begin to form. they will begin to grow – as long as they have plenty of water and food to live off of.

Trust The Mold Removal Experts At Hitchcock Clean & Restore

Hopefully becoming educated on the mold growth cycle can help you understand the characteristics of mold, and how a seemingly small mold problem can quickly grow out of hand.

At Hitchcock Clean & Restore, we have a trained team of mold removal specialists who are ready to handle your mold problem – no matter what phase in the mold growth cycle you’re dealing with. Our mold removal experts have a special process of isolating mold spores during the removal process to help prevent it from spreading to other areas. We are dedicated to serving the residents of Berks County and want to provide the best care to your home and family. If you ever come across a mold issue, be sure to give our team a call and we’ll quickly arrive on-site to begin the mold removal process.