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Common Places To Find Mold In A Commercial Building

commercial mold removal berks county, commercial mold remediation berks county, commercial mold cleanup berks countyYou’ve probably heard or been a character in the stories of businesses and public buildings having to be shut down or closed off due to a toxic mold problem. Not only does this pose a potential risk to the health and safety of workers, but it can also negatively affect the flow of the entire workforce.

Any space that is exposed to moisture, whether it’s in the air or from another water source, has the potential to grow mold. Commercial buildings designed to maintain a consistent interior temperature creates favorable conditions for mold growth. Cold temperatures outside combined with indoor heating can create moisture through condensation. When the moisture levels inside become too high, it can create a mold-thriving environment. 

Commercial Mold Removal In Berks County

It’s wise to be vigilant when you’re on the lookout for mold. From the commercial mold removal experts at Hitchcock Clean and Restore, here are some of the areas you should look at for potential mold growth in business and public buildings. 

1. Walls

Walls can harbor mold, both on the surface and internally. There are many reasons for this, including items being pressed against the walls trapping moisture, leaks dripping down from the ceiling, etc. The absorbent nature of materials used for masonry (like bricks) can provide an ideal foundation for mold to grow and multiply. Be sure to check the high areas where the wall meets the ceiling and around the windows. 

2. HVAC And Air Ducts

Commercial HVAC systems and air ducts can be a source of condensation, which can fuel mold growth. Warmer climates with high water vapor content are particularly prone to mold buildup within the dark spaces of HVAC systems and air ducts. Mold in the vents is especially dangerous because it can spread when air is circulated throughout the building. If you notice a musty smell in the air or develop allergy-like symptoms, be sure to check the vents for possible mold growth. 

3. Furniture and Office Storage

It would be a good idea to check cabinets, desks, and storage spaces in a commercial building for possible mold growth. When the day-to-day work life gets busy, it’s easy to overlook these certain spots as potential mold harboring locations. 

Don’t Wait To Call The Commercial Mold Removal Experts

Mold is typically considered a problem when it’s visible – but at that point, the air in your commercial building is most likely already compromised. It’s important to understand the conditions that cause mold to thrive as well as the symptoms. This will help you detect the problem early before the building and your employees are exposed to greater risk. 

Our team takes your safety and the commercial mold removal process very seriously. At the first sign of mold in business or public buildings, be sure to call a qualified and certified commercial mold removal company like Hitchcock Clean & Restore. We’ll bring our trained commercial mold removal technicians and specialized equipment on site to remove mold and help restore your business building back to normal.