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5 Common Signs of a Water Leak

Water Damage Berks County, Water Damage Cleanup Berks County, Water Damage Repair Berks CountyHurricane season comes and goes, but water damage can happen in our homes and business year-round. Yes, thank goodness it’s often quite minor compared to the devastation and damage handed out by recent hurricanes, Harvey and Irma. And, as this blog is being written, there is another hurricane out in the Atlantic that, again, could threaten the U.S. And this time, the storm has its eyes more specifically on the East Coast.

But we aren’t here to talk about torrential rains in Berks County, we are here to talk about water damage that can happen anytime – in homes and businesses new and old – from leaky pipes. According to WaterSense, household leaks result in 11,000 gallons of wasted water every year. Wow. That’s the equivalent of 270 loads of laundry!

So, here are five common signs you might have a leaky pipe somewhere in your house, and it’s time to give Team Hitchcock a call to take a closer look!

  • You can’t open the water bill without a glass of wine in hand to curb the shock.

Sure, there are some communities around the U.S. that do just have outrageous water bills. However, after living in a home for several months and getting regular water bills, you should have a pretty good idea of what a normal bill looks like. If you’re suddenly getting astronomically high bills, but can’t pinpoint any changes in your family’s routine that would trigger the increase, there might be something else amiss.

  • Water meter offers leakage proof.

A simple Google search will give you information on how to find the water meter at your house, and how to read it. If there’s a water leak, the reading could be quite eye-opening!

  • Mold isn’t just for the shower anymore.

If you see mold and/or mildew growing on a random wall or ceiling, it is a good idea to have a professional water restoration company, like Team Hitchcock, come and do some researching. We have special tools that can detect moisture deep within materials or wall cavities, and can also use thermal imaging cameras to detect temperature differences behind walls, floors, and ceilings, that could be an indication of water in that space.

  • Discolored or damage walls, ceilings, or flooring.

Water damage can really come from any angle when you’re dealing with a leaky pipe. Pipes run all throughout our homes, so the leak really could be anywhere. If you start to notice some discoloring on a wall, ceiling, or floor, or notice any of those surfaces changing in texture, becoming saggy, or feeling damp to the touch, there is a good chance you have a hidden water leak.

  • Things are smelling musty.

This is another sure sign something is probably amiss. Standing water will start to smell musty after a while, and that is certainly an odor that is tough to ignore. This is usually the sign of water damage that has spread into what could be a major mold problem and it’s important that this is not left to wait. 

It might be hard to think about there being a hidden leak somewhere in your home, but there are great, innovative tools restoration companies use today to pinpoint where the problem is, meaning the scope or breadth of the work needed may not be as big as your imagination believes. Before the damage gets too far, give Team Hitchcock a call!