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Carpets bring a certain aesthetic pleasure to your home and can be a large investment. In order to maintain a carpet’s vibrant lookcarpet cleaning berks county, professional carpet cleaning berks county and fresh feel, it must be maintained properly. While many homeowners believe that regular cleaning and maintenance can help preserve their carpets, there is also a wide range of myths and misconceptions that homeowners put their trust in. Due to these myths and misconceptions, many homeowners are hesitant to hire a professional carpet cleaning company that can provide deep cleaning services.

Following these misconceptions can really decrease the lifespan of your carpet.  That is why Hitchcock Clean & Restore has debunked some of the most common professional carpet cleaning myths.

Myth #1: I should wait until my carpets are dirty and dingy before I have them cleaned professionally for the first time because my carpet will never feel the same after a professional clean.

Like most myths, this one has some basis of truth to it. Many years ago, before the new modern carpet materials were available and better extraction tools and techniques were developed, professional carpet cleaning would leave behind excess moisture and chemical residue from the cleaning solution. This, in turn, would make carpets turn into dirt magnets causing them to become dirty and dull quicker and requiring more frequent cleanings. Most reputable cleaning companies now use modern equipment and proven techniques to prevent oversaturation, guaranteeing that no chemical residue is left behind.  

Myth #2: I really don’t need a professional to deep clean my carpets.

Carpet cleaning equipment is indeed available to buy or rent and it can be tempting to clean your carpets on your own. However, carpet cleaning professionals go through extensive training on how to use this equipment and they understand the ins-and-outs of the effects the cleaning solution will have on your carpets. Without proper training, you may oversaturate your carpets with water and solution leaving you with a dingy and gritty feeling carpet. Not to mention that not all cleaning solutions are equal and some may even cause discoloration or damage to your carpet fibers.

Myth #3: I only need to have my carpets professionally cleaned when they look dirty.

Just because you cannot see the dirt on your carpet doesn’t mean that it’s not there. While some carpets can hide dirt better than others, it is not good practice to delay the cleaning of your carpets. Hidden dirt can easily destroy your carpet if ignored. Under a microscope dirt and grime has tiny sharp edges and is pressed deeper into carpet fibers when walked on. This can start to wear down the fibers in your carpet. If you vacuum your carpet and you notice fuzz from your carpets in the vacuum bag or canister – that is a result of dirt and grime breaking down your carpet. Over time dirt and grime cause unsightly bald spots in your carpeting.

Another fact to take note of: your carpet acts like a giant air filter and when they become full of dirt, dander, and other particulates the air quality in your home will start to deteriorate. As a result, members of your household may suffer minor respiratory discomfort. Those with allergies might have more severe reactions.