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Top Carpet Maintenance and Cleaning Mistakes

Our carpet takes a beating from everyday wear and tear. Though you try to do your best to keep up the cleaning and maintenance, however despite your best efforts, you may actually be doing more harm than good. Here are the 6 top mistakes that you may be guilty of when cleaning your carpet.

Scrubbing Spills & Avoiding Stains

When a spill happens, our instinct is to scrub the stain out of the carpet, with a little elbow grease, to make sure we get it up quickly. However, when you scrub your carpet a few things happen. Scrubbing causes the fibers of your carpet to untwist leaving the pile distorted. Scrubbing can actually cause the stain to move further down into the carpet and into the pad. Instead of scrubbing, carpet stains should be extracted by scooping up any access debris or liquid, then carefully blotting the stain with a clean cloth (make sure the cloth used won’t cause additional bleeding to the carpet). Blot until dry, then use a stain remover to treat the stain. When a stain is left untreated it’ll set into the carpet, not only does it leave a mark, there is nowhere for the stain to go, but into the fibers of your carpet.

Using the Wrong Products

Each stain is not created equally and as such, each stain must be treated differently. Various carpet cleaners are specific to the types of stains they’ll work on. Additionally, other household cleaners aren’t meant to be used on carpet and may contain bleach and other chemicals that can ruin or discolor your carpet.

carpet cleaning mohntonOver Saturation of Product

It’s important to follow the directions carefully when using any cleaning product. Adding too much product will oversaturate the carpet and can cause a buildup of residue that can cause your carpet to become grimy and can lead to carpet damage.

Failure to Spot Check

Whenever you plan to treat a stain or clean your carpet it’s important to always test the product you’re going to use. Pick an area of the carpet that is hidden from everyday view to sample your cleaning solution and see how it will react to your carpet.

Over Vacuuming

There can be a bit of a goldilocks complex when it comes to vacuuming. Vacuuming too often can make the carpet become worn and faded, vacuuming too little can result in a buildup of dirt and debris. So how often should you vacuum? You should vacuum at least once a week in light traffic areas of your home. In heavy traffic areas, you may need to vacuum two to three times a week. Don’t ignore the hard to reach places like the space between the wall, use the vacuum hose and extensions to collect as much dust, dirt and debris as possible. This will not only keep your carpet clean, but can improve the air quality and health of your home.

Avoiding Professional Treatment

Many DIY at home treatments and rental carpet cleaning machines aren’t strong enough to thoroughly clean your carpet. Not all rental machines are regularly cleaned and maintained between uses and can leave behind excess chemical and water. If carpet oversaturation occurs, the result could lead to soiled flooring and potential mold or mildew. It is advised to have your carpet professionally cleaned at least once or twice a year, depending on the traffic in your home. Professional carpet cleaning companies have the solutions and tools necessary to remove debris, stains and odor, and can help extend the use and quality of your carpet.