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3 Truths About Mold Damage & Your Health

Mold Removal SmallIn the 1980’s and part of the 1990’s, it was believed that people could potentially get sick from what the World Health Organization termed “Sick Building Syndrome.” Researchers at the time drew a direct correlation between poor indoor air quality in a water-damaged building to people getting sick.

Today, we know more than that. The illness is likely due to mold specifically. Now, not everyone gets sick from mold – and not every mold is toxic. However, according to recent research by the medical community, as many as 25 percent of the population are susceptible to mold illness because of their genetic predisposition. While you may feel just fine and aren’t concerned about a little mold in your home, the mold could be having a very adverse effect on your spouse.

Team Hitchcock is well prepared to handle your mold damage cleanup at your Fleetwood-area home or business. And, wants to share a few truths about how mold could affect your health.

  1. Bleach is not an effective mold remediation tool.

Spraying bleach on mold is not a recommended way of dealing with the problem. You cannot kill mold in that sense because dead mold spores and just as dangerous as life ones. Mold is mold, and can be toxic in both forms. Instead, mold removal experts at Team Hitchcock work to eliminate the source of the mold and return your property to a safe state.

  1. Mold illness is a real thing.

Again, not every person is susceptible to mold-related illnesses, but some are, and the effects can be serious. The main mold-related illness is called Chronic Inflammatory Disease, and it is the direct result of exposure to mold spores. Research shows about 25% of people are genetically predisposed to CIRS. Beyond CIRS, mold spores can also trigger asthma flare-ups, rashes, cough, and other physical responses.

  1. Mold may exist in area you don’t see, in climates you don’t suspect.

Living in Pennsylvania, we obviously get rainy seasons. That can easily breed mold. However, mold can even grow in dry climates.

Also, while you might see evidence of mold on a basement wall, there could also be mold in places you don’t see. A small leak in a pipe within a wall cavity may have triggered mold growth, or likewise a small leak in the attic during a rainstorm.

If you’ve found mold, don’t stress. There are a lot of factors involved, but there are also proven ways to very effectively fix the problem quickly. It is key if you think there is mold in your home or business that it be addressed by experts. Trying to remediate or remove mold on your own could cause the spores to spread and contaminate other parts of the building, and it’s likely a problem that will not disappear on its own.

Mold removal is very common, and nothing to worry about. They key is to hire an experienced, professional restoration company that carries a strong track record of effective mold removal, like Team Hitchcock.